Irish Farmers - The Book!

What's sexier than an Irish farmer? Well, lots of things, actually, but they certainly aren't as cool, funny, or bring such infectious joy. For seven years, Ciara Ryan's hilarious Irish Farmers wall calendar has been one of the most popular calendars in Ireland. In the past two years the calendar has reached No. 2, beaten only by the world's biggest boy band, One Direction. And that's just in Ireland. Now it's time for the world to meet the strapping Irish Farmers and a bunch of adorable bunnies, dogs, sheep and even ostriches, in book form.

This funny, sweet, and tongue-in-cheek full-colour collection of photos of young farmers naked from the waist up alongside their favourite livestock is sure to please the lasses and lumbersexuals alike. From CSA moms to urban woodsmen, from garden girls to grizzly bearded hipsters - one of these clever lads will surely haunt your most secret dreams.

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